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E-Commerce & Omni-Channel: Supply Chain & Fulfilment 2015 Congress

E-commerce sales in Europe are set to rise by 18% to £131.2 billion by the end of 2014 and these increased volumes are putting unprecedented demands on the supply chains of e-commerce and omni-channel retailers.

The rapidly changing delivery expectations of e-commerce customers, causes a term loans to keep up with driven trends towards click & collect and next day delivery, mean that operating an effective e-commerce supply chain and fulfilment operation presents a whole new set of challenges. To meet these new expectations, e-commerce retailers need to find new solutions at every stage, from demand forecasting, through to inventory management, warehousing, technology integration and distribution.

The inaugural E-Commerce & Omni-Channel: Supply Chain & Fulfilment 2015 congress is designed specifically for supply chain, logistics and fulfilment professionals. 

Consisting of 100% retailer case studies, the congress will provide customer demand-driven solutions that respond to fulfilment and supply chain challenges specific to e-commerce and omni-channel operations. Attendees will walk away with actionable solutions for meeting customer expectations and growing their customer bases.

Speakers at the congress will explain the cutting-edge solutions they have applied to quantify customer expectation, plan for peak demand periods and optimise their inventory, warehousing and distribution strategy to minimise lead times and adapt to changing customer requirements.

For retail e-commerce operators involved with supply chain and fulfilment, it is an unmissable opportunity to ensure industry practices are upheld and developed through the brand new material presented at the congress.

  • The First E-Commerce Congress 100% Focused On Supply Chain & Fulfilment: The only e-commerce congress 100% focused on supply chain and fulfilment issues, and directly targeted towards the needs of supply chain job titles (rather than towards e-commerce and marketing job titles like most e-commerce events)
  • Designed For Supply Chain, Logistics & Fulfilment Job Titles: The agenda was designed in collaboration with supply chain, logistics and fulfilment job titles to ensure each session speaks specifically to overcoming the specific challenges that e-commerce operations are creating for their job role
  • 100% Retailer Case Studies: The only e-commerce supply chain congress to feature an entirely retail-led speaker faculty, instead of vendors or logistics companies
  • Looking At Every Stage Of The E-Commerce Supply Chain: The only congress to assess development opportunities across the entire e-commerce and omni-channel supply chains, from order placement to delivery, to provide the insights necessary to optimise end-to-end operations.


The first e-commerce congress specifically designed for supply chain, logistics & fulfilment professionals...

...will be dedicated to evaluating practical solutions for meeting e-commerce and omni-channel customer delivery expectations. Consisting of 100% real life case studies from retailers, attendees will gain insight into:

MEETING CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS: Comprehensively investigating e-commerce customer expectations for availability, visibility, and customer service, to determine the optimal fulfilment strategy for meeting them

DEMAND FORECASTING: Assessing the latest solutions in e-commerce demand forecasting to enhance customer behaviour predictability, manage inventory, ensure availability and develop commercially viable, responsive distribution networks

ADAPTING BRICKS & MORTAR OPERATIONS TO E-COMMERCE DEMANDS: Detailing steps to grow omni-channel retail operations through creating synergies between store and online operations

INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGY ACROSS MULTIPLE PLATFORMS: Exploring strategies to economically integrate IT solutions and supply chain operations across different retail operations to develop scalable yet flexible omni-channel systems

3PL RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT: Evaluating strategies and technologies for selecting and communicating with 3rd party logistics providers to reduce lead times, improve reliability and enhance visibility in e-commerce and omni-channel operations

NEW & ALTERNATIVE DELIVERY OPTIONS: Evaluating the latest distribution business models for meeting the unique requirements of e-commerce and omni-channel customers, including:

  • Click & Collect
  • Dark Stores
  • Storage Lockers

IT & SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: Implementing IT architecture andplanning control systems for inventory and SCM to reduce inaccuracy, integrate dataand cost-effectively design omni-channel distribution networks


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